Stay Off My Cloud…or relax and join me!

  Kinda nice to look back on this rainy, cloudy day.

Written: 02/27/12

I like clouds! Fluffy, floating, untethered, white, poofy…

Besides their important weather and atmospheric role, clouds are also, otherwise, important! They are daydream inducers au naturel! One does not need psychotropic drugs to create—just look out your window or retreat into childhood and lie in the grass and gaze up yonder! Personally, I can feel my stress melt and my blood pressure descend. You know you’ve experienced being an adult for any number of decades…when you have driven down the road on a fair-weather day…and have caught a glimpse of a lumpy Creation (capital intended, by the way) that has looked just like that favorite pet from yesteryear!

Oh yeah, there is that little thing about thunder/lightning/rainfall/tornadoes…

Nonetheless; back to MY daydreaming!

I had a good friend and lab partner in college who was a trained weather observer. That just sounded so SMART! My idea of weather observing is to tune into the local super-duper, laser-guided, (35%) accurate, TV news channel and observe if there’s a clear path to the basement. I know that the winds aloft and that pesky jet stream just do not follow our human logic, but as Himself is fond of critiquing, “If I were wrong as much as those meteorologists are, I wouldn’t have a job!” To which I’m always v-e-r-y tempted, but not yet brave enough to counter, “Yeah, but those ‘meteor’ specialists have done a bang-up job of warning the Earth of impending meteors! Hasn’t been an era-changing massive annihilation in a few eons.” (Time markers are some smarty pants’ speculation, not mine.) All you fair-weather meteorologist friends drive me nuts!

My cloud-induced daydreaming has gotten me some personal flak, as well. After what I considered a particularly productive daydream session, I was told that I was not amusing and had not “grown up”. I chose the grumpiest of the grumps that day. Said grump apparently was feeling that daydreaming and the ensuing gift of humor was so passé. (Like some of those wispy, fast-moving clouds?) I’ve had a lot of heart-and-soul-searing, serious experiences in my lifetime; some that forced me to grow up well before I should have been expected to be ready. Given the choice, I’d just rather bring a little humor into the world and see someone smile or laugh with me. God knows there are enough whiny, complaining, critical people, trying to blot out the beautiful blue sky with their thunderheads.

Yet, here, on “my” cloud, it’s comfortable. No matter our age, beliefs, fitness level, or handicaps. It’s mostly peaceful, except for the occasional thunder rumble. Oftentimes I’ve created my own thunderheads, I embarrassingly admit. So far, I’ve always seen a rainbow, after a time. Sometimes it has been so faint I had to squint to see it. Some precious times, I’ve seen it brilliantly or even doubled (no, not my diplopia).

Turning my eyes to the clouds, I cannot help but think of my Lord and my belief that He created the atmosphere and its protections and enhancements that sustain life on this rock. The most varied, beautiful, complex place in this solar system. Not so many dense clouds that the sunlight-dependent chlorophyll cannot produce our food, and not so few that all vegetation burns to a crisp every day.

I’m not entirely sure just “where” Heaven is…up way past the clouds or hidden behind the veil of another dimension? And it just doesn’t matter to me. Because I know Who does know exactly where it is and I know He sees me…clouds or no…sometimes having fun with daydreaming in the clouds, whether in my mind or in my eyesight, or fearfully keeping a watchful eye on the dark thunderheads, in between listening raptly for that “meteor” report. LOL. I find that clouds are much more useful and fun in the sky than in my reasoning. In fact, His clouds often clear those in my mind with fantasy, playful memories, and mostly their white, fluffy beauty.

Dear Architect of the Clouds, I praise You for Your vast skill and knowledge of how to put together a life-sustaining planet. I praise You for planning the Purpose of the clouds. And I thank You for the smiles and fun they induce in this Daughter–who sometimes just needs a break from being too grown up!


~ by saginawrobin on March 1, 2012.

3 Responses to “Stay Off My Cloud…or relax and join me!”

  1. Nice!

  2. That is great Robin!! 🙂

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