Word to the Wise

So Much Wisdom…So Little Time

 or La la lalala…I can’t hear you…

Proverbs 15:31, 32

 He who listens to a life-giving rebuke will be at home among the wise.  

 He who ignores discipline despises himself, but whoever heeds correction gains understanding. 


The above proverbial quote is attributed to Solomon, judge and king over ancient Israel. I wonder if all of Solomon’s wisdom came from prayer and none of it from experience. Any of it from his father, David’s, lecturing and past recorded blunders? Possibly and creatively license-ly, the combination of the three?

 As a so-far surviving parent of two, it is a bit of a relish to imagine…David dutifully endeavoring to instill some “knowledge” and impart a bit of “wisdom” (do we realize the difference?)…and the adolescent Solomon giving him that stare that says, “I stopped hearing you after the first 6 seconds.”

 As parents, we all have seen that expression. We’ve also heard the not-so-subtle whisperings of, “You are so out of touch…have no idea…are so old fashioned…are not as smart as me…” and etc.  Yes, my dear children, I remember saying and thinking those same things. You were just this side of not being genius enough to actually have invented those sassy ideas! With the advent of our children’s adolescence, those very words come home to roost. Funny how they don’t sound so liberating and intelligent when they return to us. Ouch. That’s the essence of “what goes around comes around.” And it’s not funny—except to grandparents, of course!

 Personally speaking, I’ve been at that aforementioned know-it-all stage; proceeded to the “okay, there were a few things I still needed to learn, but I’m good now,” stage; and now am in the “what the heck do I do with all this wisdom?” stage. It wasn’t a cakewalk getting here!

 My personal children still don’t care to hear much of it. Of course, they haven’t been brave enough to venture into parenthood just yet, either. Nieces and nephews are easier because aunts are good for some things…transportation; birthday gifts (preferably money, which we are slow to learn); thinking THEY really are smarter than THEIR parents and listening to how stupid their parents are; providing cousins to stick up for them; really, not much else. Big grin to my very accommodating nieces and nephews!

 My siblings? Well, they’re not THAT much younger than I. Hey, maybe being the eldest and going through all this (husband-raising) kid-raising, hair-raising stuff was so I could ease their way a bit…but maybe not. Don’t ask me how that’s working for me…won’t be a good report. Probably my lack of proper communication skills. I know what I meant, how come they don’t? So now that’s three unique, bi-generational ways for me to hear that it’s just not my business and no one really cares to hear to my opinion, anyway. 

The lessons here actually are multi fold, as with most true lessons: 

On this earth, no one will care what you’ve learned through your suffering, try as you might, for, possibly, a few era. So you will end up dispensing all your invaluable advice via the blogosphere. After all, a prophet is NOT without honor, except in his/her own country (translation, family). So then, if someone thinks you’re a loud-mouthed moron, you can read it only once and then have the choice to hit the delete button. Probably will never meet that particular, obviously disgruntled post reply-er. It’s still cathartic, all the same.

 When we’re in the throes of the rebellious years with our children, God is watching and sympathizing. After all, He had all   this wisdom for us, preserved through the millennia, and did we listen?! (Again, ouch)

Perhaps most importantly applying to each of us, beginning with yours truly:

 Proverbs 15:33:  The fear of the LORD teaches a man wisdom, and humility comes before honor. (Bolding emphasis my own)



~ by saginawrobin on March 5, 2012.

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