Thoughts on Isaiah 49:16, Matthew 23:37


I broke the Heart of my True Love, When faithless I became;

Still, He begged a second chance,  And I…behaved the same.

He would not move against me, No vengeance filled His thoughts;

Calmly, persistently He waited, While I esteemed Him naught.

Too consumed by selfishness, I wandered as if free;

To cause that Noble chest to heave, Whenever He thought of me.

Too slowly the darkness lifted, That had engulfed my mind;

So many years lay wasted,  My soul craved Peace to find.

I had not earned another chance, Nor could I ever gain;

Enough of anything I could do, To make it right again.

When I knew that I deserved to die, And His cross was for my sin;

His True Love Heart revealed to me, It had held me always in.

My rebel heart was broken, And the healing could begin;

It will take a lifetime, To learn to love like Him.

Out of all of this, the best of news, Is that He loves each one;

Exactly like His love for me, Be it rebel daughter or wayward son.

The True Love of Jesus is meant for all, He chooses favorites not;

Your name engraved upon His palms, His heart holds your special spot.


(P.S.  I am trying to learn, Uncle Curly!)


~ by saginawrobin on April 8, 2012.

One Response to “Thoughts on Isaiah 49:16, Matthew 23:37”

  1. Amen!

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