Vote for ME, I’LL make you rich; Vote for HIM, YOU’LL dig a ditch!

I have no clue, Of how YOU fight; To provide YOUR child, Some FOOD at night!

YOUR job is gone, YOUR needs are few; While MY garage Will just not do!

But I am groomed, No hair astray; Botox takes MY Wrinkles away!

I love to bray, The whole day through; Of how MY plan Is best (?!) for YOU!

Forget the COPS, Or extinguishing FIRES; Erase Social Security, YOU bunch of criers!

Raise YOUR taxes, Stolen by ME; Negate YOUR votes, For MY monarchy!

Talk of GOD, But despise the POOR; But as for ME, Why, I need more!

Tis now a GULF, Was once a schism; Widen some more, (Call it CAPITALISM!)

MY savings are growing, In offshore banks; MY future safe, As Wall Street tanks!

Hacienda in Mexico, (I’M just so global); When AMERICA dies, I’LL be living noble!

I’VE made MY connections, MY friends nominated; WE’RE living large, YOUR savings decimated!

MY platform is fluffy, No substance is there; YOU won’t catch me, Cuz I won’t dare!

To make any STATEMENT That makes any SENSE; Why should I worry? The masses are DENSE!

I am a patriot, See MY little flag pin? Would YOU not be honored To just vote ME in?!

Because I’M good for America, Land of the Free; Taxed nigh unto DEATH, By likes of ME!

Eighteen months of ELECTION, To tire YOUR nerves; I abandon the PUBLIC, I once swore to SERVE!

Keep YOU poor and distressed, Unable to run; For any kind of office, Under AMERICAN sun!

YOUR coffers are dusty, I’VE robbed every one; MIDDLE CLASS now expiring, But still, I’M not done!

I’VE stolen YOUR taxes, Own business a plenty; That lowers YOUR wages, To a paltry $5.20!

Blame ME not, Taxpayer, For I’M not all alone; My colleagues in CONGRESS, Fight over EACH bone!

MY writers of speech, Know just how to BEND; Whatever I promise, Into a dead END!

And WE’LL gladly exclaim, As YOU fade from OUR sight; (While sipping margaritas,)



~ by saginawrobin on May 25, 2012.

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