Spam Fan I Am (NOT)

I do not like it, In my ‘Feed; I do not like it, No indeed!

Not in my inbox (Nor snail mail); Where it jinxes me, With “Fail.”

Don’t like it early, Don’t like it late; Dislike notifications, To vex my pate!

Not on Monday, Wednesday’s bad; Spam on Sunday, Just makes me sad.

Some with attachments, Some without; Some from YOU?, (I have my doubts.)

Was it woman, Child or man; Just who let Spam, Out of its can??

Stuff it back, And please make haste!; Don’t wish to cut, Don’t want to paste.

Now close that can, Staple it shut; Find the duct tape, And wrap it up!

Off the ‘Feed! Inbox is clean; Mail not in need of, Industrial shredding machine!

Then will I shout, Throughout the Land; I grieve you not, Demise of spam!


~ by saginawrobin on June 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Spam Fan I Am (NOT)”

  1. […] the Name of God? got me thinking about what comes out of my mouth. I also have to mention her poem, Spam Fan I Am (Not), just because it’s a funny piece written in […]

    • Rilla, I am so deeply touched and ENCOURAGED by your kind remarks. So many times, I end up thinking, “Does anyone really CARE about this silly stuff?” Glad that I can touch someone’s heart and remind them that God is the Specialized God of Tough Situations!

      Your blogger friend (and reciprocal fan),

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