Who Will Help Us?

In the wake of yet another horrific tragedy:

Why can Homeland Security easily tap my phone (or that of any American citizen or not) but they cannot seem to monitor the websites, magazines or stores advertising the sale of assault weapons to individuals who DO NOT NEED assault weapons?

We all are aware of the second amendment right to bear arms. Bearing arms is one thing; weapons of mass destruction quite another matter. In my humble opinion, an automatic assault weapon is meant only for mass destruction. It should be sold only to military or police departments. Why is that so unenforceable? Where are the loud-mouthed NRA supporters when a mother is weeping over her dead child, murdered by someone who had a “right” that superseded the right of that child NOT to be murdered?

Yes, people kill people. Guns cannot kill people on their own. However, guns were, and continue to be, solely manufactured with the idea of killing! Killing animals, perhaps. There was a time when most of the country had to grow their own crops and kill their own meat. This isn’t the Daniel Boone era any longer, however. Even hunters, and there are several in my extended family, don’t “have” to kill the animals they do. None are so poor that they cannot go to the grocery store to buy dead animal flesh.

PEOPLE KILL ANYTHING AT ALL BECAUSE THEY CAN. And what does that say about our minds?

I know many people keep guns for “protection.” This seems logical–to a point. You’d better hope you wake up before a criminal gains entry to your home and sneaks up on a sleeping you and your family. Have people successfully defended home and hearth? Sure, no doubt. I remember the news story of the young lady who had just returned from her husband’s funeral and was home alone with her infant. Some brainless yahoo decided to try to break into her home and she shot the intruder dead. Still, I have to wonder how many times something goes wrong and the criminals actually get the upper hand? I’m sure those stories are out there, too. Not to mention how many times an innocent child is killed when they find Daddy’s gun in the home or even in the car (as recently reported in Detroit).

If the purpose of firearms was not to kill, they most probably would not exist.

How far is someone going to espouse the “protection” agenda? Protection against robbers and other criminals? Possibly. Protection against the government? But…doesn’t the government have the biggest, most powerful weapons in the first place? (Reality check–they have, for instance, tanks and more soldiers than you could ever round up.)  Even our military is not safe from people who will lose their minds and use their weapons to slaughter people. Soldiers slaughtering fellow soldiers. A Marine slaughtering his entire family. And even civilian policemen slaughtering other policemen or their family members.

A man once told me the story of sleeping with his legal gun under his pillow at night. Supposedly to have easy access, should someone should break into his home and threaten his family. He awoke one night to the sound of his gun going off. The bullet traveled straight through the pillow of his wife. Most fortunately, his wife was not at home on that particular night. But she easily COULD have been!

If guns are so great, why are there way more stories of people hurting other people needlessly than there are of people saving themselves or others with those weapons?

I know and trust that MOST gun owners do not have evil plans to hurt others. However, there ALWAYS will be others who will use their second amendment “right” to buy weapons with the sole intent of murder and mayhem.

My question is this, Government and NRA members:

When are you going to do a better job enforcing and regulating WHO can buy WHAT legally? Why was a lone wolf allowed to be able to purchase an assault weapon? Why didn’t the sellers have some responsibility when they saw this lone wolf buying his weapons and all that excessive ammunition? God bless the person who refused to sell him more, based on some suspicious comments left on the business voicemail or answering machine.

WHY are the rights of those who want to own any weapons designed to kill whatever and whomever more important than protecting the innocent victims of some horrendous, murderous plot?

The very LEAST we should and MUST do is to crack down on the sellers and providers of these most deadly of weapons. Perhaps we should not worry so much about what someone may be saying on their telephones as much as what others are dealing for profit that ends up taking innocent lives.

Dear God, bless the heroes who stood up for others at their own peril! Also, protect us from our own “protection.”

1 John 3:11-16:

For this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should love one another,

not as Cain [who] was of the wicked one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his works were evil and his brother’s righteous.

Do not marvel, my brethren, if the world hates you

We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren. He who does not love [his] brother abides in death.

Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.

By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down [our] lives for the brethren.


~ by saginawrobin on July 23, 2012.

6 Responses to “Who Will Help Us?”

  1. ah yes, there was a 16 yr old home alone one morning. Her Dad had taught her about guns, thank goodness because when an intruder broke in, she was not alone. She had a gun, and used it the way she was taught. They are good. It’s people who use them wrongly that are bad. It will get worse, the world is falling into evil, therefore be ready to protect yourself when you are called to do so.
    Another good one Rob. p.s. miss you!

    • Yes, there are many stories of protection. My concern is that there are many, many more instances where the weapon is used to commit a crime. Certainly, NO ONE other than military or police depts needs an assault rifle. Extreme is not good. Civilians do not need high-powered, automatic, killing machines. And they would be very hard pressed to get them if they were not allowed to be sold to the public.
      Miss you too. Hope the car is fixed and ready for travel next month!

  2. The criminals will acquire whatever weapons they chose, despite legality or not. The NRA supporters are often the first to come to the side of the mother. They do support removing access to weapons from criminals who misuse them. I’m certain as facts of the Aurora come to light, we will learn it was not as unidentifiable as currently claimed. The hard part about determining gun control is that we don’t have any good numbers for the other side of the argument: how many kids learn proper gun use; how many criminals avoid targets because of guns; how many people would be killed if guns didn’t exist.
    Remember, we also have the amendment to speak freely what is on our minds in public forums, such as this. There are a whole lot of people who are willing to speak nonsensically, but should we deny the intellects the ability to engage in beneficial public discourse because of the nitwits who speak irrationally? I know speech does not kill as visibly as guns. But some people point out the content of films, video games, political bashing, etc., (all forms of speech) illicit violent responses.
    As for a man who sleeps with a loaded weapon under his pillow, he is an idiot. People who understand weapons and their use would not have them under their pillow, let alone loaded. The two pieces should be stowed apart, but within reach. If you are attempting to defend yourself from an invader who attacks while you are sleeping, you will fail no matter how prepared. The perpetrator would already be prepared, he will have tactical advantage, and he will respond quicker than you possibly could.
    If we decide to accept imposition on our rights, those impositions will not be fixed. Those rights will continue to erode, indiscriminately, because of a perception the limitation was not stringent enough to succeed in preventing whatever misconduct we attempted to control.

    • I don’t think we need to totally disarm all citizens, I just think we need to have a crack down on assault rifles and by whom and to whom they are sold (I referred to them as WMD). Thank you for agreeing with me that a wide awake criminal generally beats a sleepy citizen in the middle-of-the-night crimes.

      Statistics are shown that when committing murder, firearms are far and away the weapon of choice. While you are correct in that certain (hardcore?) criminals will find a way to secure a gun, we do have the…what shall we call them?, “lazy criminals”?, who will go with what is entirely convenient and readily available for crimes of passion–in the heat of the moment. I’m thinking those numbers comprise the largest amount of gun-related murders, not the kind that we saw in Colorado, where there are weeks of diabolical planning.

      I do not hear much about the “kinder” NRA; only about Heston’s “cold, dead hand” remark, as well as Nugent’s vague but threatening statement. I think a lot of lobbies are bullies for whichever cause they claim to represent. If the Constitution grants the right, then why do we need so massive a lobby, except as a way to bully (i.e., drug lobbies) and to “reward” political candidates with funds? Make people believe that there is a sinister plot afoot? Who is hurt by not being able to purchase an assault rifle?

      Reminds me of the old argument: Would there be prostitutes if there were not johns; or johns if there were not prostitutes? A problem by any other name…

      Refer to this chart, which the headings I could not get to fit into this format:

      Read more: Murder Victims, by Weapons Used — Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0004888.html#ixzz21fJCFBpM

      • I’ll agree, if we have existing laws to address possession of weapons by criminals, mentally unstable, or other dangerous individuals, then we should just ensure they are effectively enforced. The use of gun or knife or bare hands is irrelevant. The problem that needs addressed is the act of murder. If there were never any guns, humans would still kill each other, just as they did before guns.
        I played with the table you referenced, just to do so. Here’s what I show if there were never guns, and presuming the same number of people die by murder.
        Year Total Cut/Stab Blunt Hands Arson Other
        1965 8,773 4,718 1,179 2,087 528 261
        1970 13,649 7,177 1,788 3,053 1,045 586
        1975 18,642 9,192 2,836 4,663 547 1,405
        1980 21,860 11,215 2,913 4,436 775 2,521
        1985 17,545 8,941 2,353 3,609 588 2,055
        1990 20,045 9,755 2,994 3,966 799 2,531
        1991 21,676 10,472 3,355 4,668 595 2,586
        1992 22,716 10,655 3,362 4,671 656 3,372
        1993 23,180 10,031 3,455 5,011 734 3,949
        1994 22,084 9,607 3,127 4,978 672 3,700
        1995 20,232 8,555 3,071 4,811 555 3,239
        1996 15,848 6,880 2,354 3,797 485 2,332
        1997 15,289 6,100 2,181 3,689 416 2,902
        2002 14,263 5,773 2,214 3,101 335 2,841
        2006 14,990 6,063 2,020 2,772 383 3,753
        2007 14,831 5,995 2,160 2,851 434 3,391
        2008 14,299 5,976 1,934 2,990 271 3,128

      • It is very sad commentary that many people will resort to violence when they cannot achieve their goals honestly. I think the statistics do bear out that guns play a major role in homicides, although certainly not the only role. I have seen, over the past two days, that there now is talk about cracking down on the sale of assault rifles. Finally! Not sure how we would go about keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill. I think a lot of mentally ill people don’t receive treatment for their illness, so there would be no record of their being ill. How do we fix a society that basically has no conscience about taking another person’s life? Thanks for the conversation, Bud!

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