Shaken and Humbled

I’m feeling a need to change gears, here, on WordPress. Not for lack of:  A.  Idiots or B. (Hopefully not my very slight bit of) Talent. Rather, due to the ugliness, nastiness, divisiveness, and go nowhereness of today’s news.

I cannot promise some whim of malcontent will not overtake me and I will comment on some present-day news story. I’d like to try focusing on the GOOD and LOVELY still left in the world. It is my faith and belief that there still is a lot out there, it just doesn’t make good, i.e., ratings-grabbing, news stories.

Perhaps discussing blessings will do more for me (and maybe for you, too, if you happen to be in need) and my faith and fellowship. I think our “fix it ourselves” muscle has been exercised enough. Gun and ammunition vendors couldn’t be any happier, these days. Our faith and belief muscles need more exercise, I would guess. Because the one thing that human beings can be counted on to do is–make mistakes; me most of all!

So, I’ve had this unannounced experience of seeing faith in action, recently. Something that actually demonstrates what Scripture defines as faith, according to Hebrews chapter 11, verse 1:  “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” In this world, the tangible, so-called proven “evidence” often is cruel and devoid of any kindness. If there is any faith, it often is misplaced on our finite and excruciatingly limited selves.

A young woman who is the daughter of a dear friend and church classmate of mine, was diagnosed with 7 brain tumors about a month ago. Naturally, her mother was devastated and frightened by this dire-sounding diagnosis. She was not afraid to share with those of us in the class, as we all are friends who deeply care for one another and try to encourage and bolster each one. Each of our walks with God is a little bit different, but we listen and learn–together.

The daughter is not a member of the class. She lives in Saginaw, which happens to be my hometown. Of course, we gathered around Mom and tried to offer our hugs and physical comfort to her. We sent e-mail messages to Mom, which she then forwarded to her ill daughter. We were so glad and pleased that her daughter answered back.

The most amazing thing then transpired. The “patient” became the “teacher.” Although she holds beliefs not traditionally “Christian,” she demonstrated more faith than any of us had seen in a very long time. Faith in a God who is in control of everything. She believes that, even though she cannot pretend to understand His ways. In her readings and her prayers, she has come to the belief that there is a God who cares very deeply for His creatures. Amidst all the pain, confusion, and demoralizing results of her disease, she firmly holds onto Him. When her life road is the darkest, she just keeps holding that Hand…that she cannot see with her eyes, but feels it with her heart and her soul.

Each one of us, in that little class, has been profoundly shaken and blessed by her testimony of pure, simple joy. She has found that peace that passes understanding. It surely has surpassed mine! That is the kind of God that our sister, Fay, serves! A God who does what He says. Provides LOVE, faith, fellowship, and blessings in, not only the seemingly obvious places, but, most remarkably, amidst the extreme and fiery trial!

Sometimes, we need a shaking up and a proverbial slap in the face that says, “Be still and know that I AM GOD.”

How small seems my faith, comparatively. How much further I need to travel! If only we all could cause such a testimony of faith and belief!

Rest in sweet and utter peace, my sister and teacher, Fay. Truly, God has used you to bless us all, when we thought it was our job to do it for Him. Isn’t that just like the I AM?

Our love and prayers for peace and comfort go out to the family who has said farewell to their daughter and sister. Well we have realized how special she was and we pray and hope to take her lessons with us. Let’s not just shut ourselves away in our high-powered rifle-depending world. Weapons make terrible and false gods. What good could we do; how this sick society could change; what tremendous impact could we have, if we just lived and demonstrated  our faith muscle without fear and with full confidence?

God bless each one of you, where you need it most. Then, let’s pay it forward, as did this blessed daughter of the living, mighty, and inexhaustibly-loving God.


~ by saginawrobin on January 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “Shaken and Humbled”

  1. I needed to hear this. I lean toward the right to bear arms, but I feel like you do about the dependency I see. I think trust in temporal things comes from fearing temporal things. And it’s so easy to get carried away with the here and now. You’re right: I AM is greater. God will always be greater. And He always has the answers–whether I understand or not. Thank you, Robin.

  2. I agree that people have a Constitutional right to bear arms. I think a lot of people go way overboard with the kind of fire power they possess. And then we get the insane people who have access to something they never should. And greater killing power will never be an answer to anything–as the cycle of arming citizens against bad guys/bad guys keeping up with the Jonses, just continues. There is no good end to such an “arms race.” So glad you were inspired just a bit, Rilla! Glad to have had something important to say, once again.



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