Addendum – Who Made This Mess?

This response was so provocative and entirely well thought out, I had to include it under separate cover! Immense gratitude to Jimmy Chifane, who was willing to tackle a serious subject to help out a friend. Just like him! IMHO, he’s a closet writer with a terrific flair for encouraging deep thinking, all the while hidden under entertainment! Enjoy…

So…I’ve been asked to write about what “’I’ think is wrong with America today”. Interesting; I thought this over for days to how or what I could say/write. The more I thought about this, the more complex it became. Who am I to say? To complain? To know? I have no credentials! All I go by is what I see and hear.

From the media sources I choose to watch or stumble across, leery of their wording? People at work or friends knowing that they could be twisting truths at times to get people to lean their way? Oh and let’s not forget that where you live makes a difference. After all-the Nez Perce Indians of northwest Wyoming are most concerned about getting their land back…considered worthless rocky dirt, but holy ground to them. Northern Maine is trying to stop wind-power in order to save their rare birds. New York City is so noisy that songbirds do not grow up hearing their songs, so they squeak and squawk. Why, you could break down every state until you shrank it down to a local level. My biggest concern would have to start with my neighbors…that’s very local! Also, your outlook on life. Good job…good neighborhood…one might not have much to say. Bitter people could talk about this forever…a venting rant bath!

   So on I go. I Google this: “Economy in crisis.” Says George Barlow: “It’s not partisanship-it’s stupid ideas” says Dori Clark: “The outsourcing; Importing; Immigrants; Gays; Blacks; Climate change; Dumbing down; Bailouts; Foreclosures; Health insurance; Junk food; National debt; Drugs; Unemployment; Wall Street; Modified organisms; Religion; Cloning; Oil and oil spills; Corporations and the Krispy Kreme Doughnut…

We didn’t start the fire….it’s always been burning since the world’s been turning….”  Sorry…I got carried away there for a second. AND! When and where does Today begin? Four years back? !0 years? And how far forward? People are always talking about the future…although in a bleak aspect.

    I think by the time I could write it all, I would have only depressed myself  – in time for everything to have changed.

 “Maybe we were put on this Earth to bury plastic in landfills……It acts as Kevlar in case of a meteor impact.” – George Carlin

* We Didn’t Start the Fire”, Billy Joel, from the album, Storm Front.

-Authored by:  Jimmy C


~ by saginawrobin on July 25, 2013.

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