Make Sure Your Revolt is Not Revolting

Isaiah 2:4  He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.

While trying to distance myself from too much political speak, sometimes something will grab my attention and make me want to ruminate on it for a bit. Such is the current news story about a young couple, supposedly involved in Neo-Nazism, who went in search of police officers to execute to protest the government. 

While this is my opinion, and yes, I know exactly what they say about opinions…I’m still going to try to puzzle this out. 

No one doubts that our financial and political systems are broken and rampant with greed, unfairness, and dishonesty. Unfortunately, when you amass a body of people whose main goal has become their own exclusive financial well-being, the evil will reveal itself, sooner or later. 

It is out of the minds of sick people, who also have their own agenda, solely, in mind, that come ideas to take up arms in a cowardly manner of sneak attack on unsuspecting and unprepared people. These same Neo-Nazi spin doctors will not hesitate to try to convince people that the Holocaust never happened; therefore, the recollections of personal experiences of thousands and thousands of American GIs (not government officials or a certain ethnic group) are all fabricated and photos have been ‘doctored’. Blame is assigned to the Jews, who they suggest wanted worldwide sympathy. Except, what of those millions of people who were not Jews, who still were executed by Hitler’s orders? Of the soldiers in various European countries who were killed while attempting to defend their own borders against an egomaniac who thought he and his flunkies should rule the world? The clergy members; Romanian gypsies, Russians, Poles and other Slavics; mentally disabled; and Jehovah’s Witnesses and other Christians who would not salute Der Fuerher? 

Why must some be so rabidly ‘right’ that they willingly morph into murderous lunatics?

I cannot ascertain who is more mentally unstable – the people who support and teach such lies – or those who throw their lot in with them and carry out the killings? Yet, more often than not, they will claim to be Christians. Searching the New Testament (including Revelation), I can find no direction from Jesus Christ to take up arms and slaughter people. Instead, I find things such as the Lord’s Prayer and the Beatitudes. The only weapon Jesus picked up was a whip with which to chase away the money changers and sellers from the grounds of the Temple, who were making His Father’s house a raucous, irreverent den of thieves. In another very glaring example, all the disciples (except for John) and the Apostle Paul, died unnatural deaths of persecution. They did not defend themselves or try to incite riots or raise an army of armed soldiers. The army they were interested in was an army of people to follow the example and lead of Jesus – love for God and people, reliance upon the will of God, and humility, even, if necessary, to death, believing that their Heavenly reward would far outweigh any temporary reward for a few years on Earth. They submitted their fates to whatever their Lord had in mind. 

God declared that He sets up and destroys earthly kingdoms. We have not learned that lesson and want to run ahead of God, claiming that He is on our side. God is His own side. He chooses who is on His side, not the other way around. We cannot make that decision for God. We can only pray for His Spirit to guide us to His side – even when that side is not what we would choose for ourselves. God HAS always been, and WILL always be, in charge of HIStory. He does not bow to mankind. 

We tread an extremely dangerous path when we glory in our fire power and twist self-glorification into the guise of ‘patriotism’. How badly do you need that 15 minutes of fame? We are so quick to set up our individual idols. An idol is more than statue. It can be addictions. It can be covetousness. It can be our esteem of our own intelligence. It can be an over-reliance on lethal weapons. It can be over-reliance on other people’s influence over us. It certainly can be the hate that spills out to affect others. The worship of hatred causes a type of ‘high’ in the hater. The more they feed it, the larger it grows and the more power they assign to it. And that worship of power increases when they can influence followers. Each person needs to search the heart for false gods of our own choosing, which are much more dangerous than a lifeless stone image. 

I wish I were intelligent enough, and persuasive enough, to come up with THE answer to turn away such diabolical rage. I wish I knew how to fix our unsympathetic and self-serving government that protects the super wealthy and continues to take more and more from those who can least afford it. But, if people then, and still today, cannot follow the example of the very Son of God, I suppose my surprise should be tempered. It is sad that those who profess to wear the name of Christ will sometimes be the worst offenders. Not everyone who says Lord, Lord, in that day…The people who claim they healed and worked various miracles in His name will learn that they had only their own objectives in mind. They enumerate their pride in what they think THEY accomplished, not the power of God working through humbled servants. 

We can have rational, non-violent discussions. We can earnestly turn to prayer for God’s deliverance and strength. We can avoid carelessly throwing our children onto the battlefield and ripping our country apart with hatred. God says to defeat our enemies by having faith in Him and His plan. To show them kindness, which will feel to them like heaping coals of fire upon their heads. That His people will love their enemies, as even the devils love only those who are like themselves. If we want to change people, we must lovingly encourage them to change their hearts and minds from force to reliance upon God’s wisdom and God’s plan. God will not abandon those who bow before Him, but only those who insist on having their own way, declaring themselves to be smarter than anyone else and ridiculing the efforts for peaceful reconciliation. 

Revolt against evil, yes! Revolt against injustice, yes! Revolt in your heart and decide to lean on God Almighty. But do not meet revolting behavior with more revolting behavior. We cannot change society by military force. Our last two wars should prove that. We change hearts by example of the virtuous ideals of love and kindness. Threats incite fear. Fear incites hatred. Hatred incites killing. And it becomes a never-ending cycle of self destruction. 

May we show enough courage, exemplary courage, to love in the face of others’ hatred. To empty ourselves of self worship and the lust for power and submit to the plan of our Divine Defender. We do not strengthen Him or His cause. He is not a weak God. He desires our hearts, not our weapons. Plowshares do much more for this world than do swords. 





~ by saginawrobin on June 9, 2014.

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